The California Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs
Announces New Executive Committee

Sacramento, California – The California Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs (Commission) Unanimously Elects New Executive Committee.

The Commission unanimously elected its new Executive Committee at the May 6 Full Commission Meeting. Jason Paguio is elected Chair, Kirin Macapugay as Vice Chair, and Lance Toma as Secretary.

The California Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs is the only ethnic commission established by statute and its mission is to address the diverse and complex needs, issues, and concerns of Asian American and Pacific Islander American communities. It plays a crucial role in advising the California Governor and State Legislature on the views, needs, and concerns of the state’s population of over six million Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

“I congratulate the new executive committee members of the California Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs,” said Speaker Robert Rivas. “I look forward to seeing the work they will accomplish to address the needs and concerns of the diverse AANHPI communities across the state, but also advance their work and representation.”

“I am honored that the Commission put their trust in me to lead as their new Chair; it is an immense honor to serve alongside dedicated individuals advocating for increased representation and empowerment of AANHPI communities. I’m committed to leveraging this opportunity to advance economic equity, develop meaningful change with policymakers, and amplify our state’s most diverse voices,” said Chair Jason Paguio.

Commissioner Paguio was appointed to the Commission by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2022. He is the President and CEO of the Asian Business Association San Diego (ABASD) and the Asian Business Association Foundation. In his previous role as Secretary, Paguio led the efforts to bring on the new Executive Director for the Commission.

“I want to highlight the proven track record of the members of our new executive committee which will ensure continuity and leadership for the Commission as we continue to expand our impact. We are all ready to roll up our sleeves and be of service to our AANHPI communities,” said Secretary Lance Toma who presided over the meeting in his role as Vice Chair. Secretary Toma was originally appointed by then State Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and recently re-appointed by Senate President Pro Temp Mike McGuire. Secretary Toma also chairs the Commission’s Health Access Committee.

“There is much work ahead of us and I am humbled to step into this new role. I look forward to continuing my service with the Commission to uplift our communities voices,” said Vice Chair Kirin Macapugay. She served on the Commission from 2013-2014 as an appointee of Governor Jerry Brown, and re-appointed by then State Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins in 2020. Vice Chair Macapugay co-led the Commission’s Higher Education Committee with efforts to create historic California education code, establishing the first state budget to benefit lower income AA&NHPI higher education students in the country. She chairs the Higher Education Committee, which continues to address educational equity and access to higher education across the state.

“I am delighted to welcome Chair Jason Paguio, Vice Chair Kirin Macapugay, and Secretary Lance Toma as the new Executive Committee, as we celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month,” said Executive Director Khydeeja Alam. “I am grateful for the Commission’s support and confident that the new leadership of the Commission will steer CAPIAA towards even greater heights of impact as we work together to advance our shared mission.”


The California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (CAPIAA) is a state agency dedicated to elevating the political, economic, and social issues of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. CAPIAA advises the Governor and Legislature on effective responses to the needs and concerns of the state’s diverse Asian and Pacific Islander American communities and works to foster understanding, inclusivity, and collaboration across the state. For more information, please visit our CAPIAA website.